RxSugar 1 Pound Canister
RxSugar 1 Pound Canister
RxSugar 1 Pound Canister
RxSugar 1 Pound Canister

RxSugar 1 Pound Canister

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Delicious & Sweet

  • Real, Natural Sugar
  • Tastes Better Than Sugar!
  • A Sweet Treat for Everyday Use

Clean & Safe

  • Non-GMO Verified & Gluten-Free
  • Keto, Kosher, NSF Certified, Vegan
  • Whole 30 & Nothing Artificial

Nutritious & Healthy

  • 90% Less Calories vs Sugar
  • Zero Net Carbs, Zero Glycemic
  • Clinically Proven for Weight/Body Fat Loss & Inhibits Fat Absorption

 Nutrition Facts


  • Allulose

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The ONE sweetener you NEED to have as a T1D . If you asked 100 people about their opinion on artificial sweeteners… . You’d get 100 different answers, most of which can be: . 1️⃣OMG ABSOLUTELY NO THEYRE THE DEVIL 😈 . . 2️⃣Meh whatever I need them as a part of my life. . There’s questionable data for different types about your gut bacteria, .. Aspartame and sucralose have been shown to mess with your gut bacteria…. . …leading to higher blood sugars . . The BEST option right now that WILL NOT impact your blood sugar? . Allulose. . It’s the new kid on the block, but get to know its name well. . 🔥No blood sugar rises 🔥70% as sweet as sugar, so not overpowering 🔥No messing with gut bacteria (even potentially helping it) 🔥anti-inflammatory properties . AND… . It may even help boost fat loss. Which is INSANE. . So, you’re gonna want to try it out in your recipes. . RxSugar is my recommendation for SURE. . Go here to get some at 20% off: https://sugarreimagined.com/discount/BENTZEEL20 . Do you have a favorite sweetener? Let me know below 👇

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